Yoga and wellbeing sessions

Carmen Santaeulalia


Carmen is passionate about health and wellbeing. She holds a Masters degree in Mindfulness and a post-graduate degree in Nutritional Therapy from Worcester University. She qualified as a Hatha Yoga Instructor at the Vivekenanda School of Yoga in India in 2000.



Carmen holds a First-Class Master’s Degree in Teaching Mindfulness-Based Approaches from the University of Bangor and the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice. She has been meditating for nearly 30 years and has taught mindfulness in the UK, Spain and South America, as well as holding meditation and yoga retreats in various countries.


Carmen has a personal yoga practice spanning more than 30 years and qualified as a Hatha Yoga Instructor at the Vivekenanda School of Yoga in India in 2000.

Carmen’s classes weave together mindful movement, functional alignment that honours the students’ unique anatomy, awareness of breath and awareness of the body as a vehicle for discovery and present moment awareness.

Her classes emphasise core, stability, balance, strength, flexibility, self-care and wellbeing.


A Gongbath is a form of meditation accessible to everyone - no knowledge or experience required! Gongs have been used as shamanic healing tools for thousands of years and are part of the Sound Healing tradition. All you have to do is lie comfortably on the floor with a mat and blanket and be open to the experience.

It's called a 'bath' because you are immersed in the sounds and vibrations created by the gongs and other instruments during the session. These vibrations are absorbed throughout the entire body and encourage deep relaxation and help retune the body by releasing blocked energy. The vibrations also help the mind to relax - to let go of the daily busy-ness and chatter, as your brainwaves slow into the Theta state (between daydreaming and sleep).  This is where the deep relaxation and restorative healing begin.

The gongs play for approx. 40 minutes, followed by a period of silence, known as Shunyata. This time allows the vibrations and energy to settle and begin to integrate into your bodies. At the end of this period, I will invite you to gently 'awaken', and bring your focus back to the 'here and now'.




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